Advantages of Steel Structure

01. FAST CONSTRUCTION & INSTALLATION TIME Steel structures are pre-fabricated at the factory and then transported to the construction site and erected by bolts, so the construction time is shortened to only about 1/3 compared to the construction time of traditional concrete houses, helping the project to be quickly put into use. 02. LARGE CLEAR SPANS Pre-engineered steel buildings claim to exceed large spans up to 100m, pre-engineered steel buildings can be flexibly applied in many projects, especially commercial centers, exhibition centers, airports,… 03. SAVING COST Because of the lightweight of steel buildings, lighter foundation requirements result in significant cost reductions. In addition, the shortened construction period greatly reduces labor costs at the construction site. 04. FLEXIBILITY IN EXPANDING The components of the steel building are linked together through bolts and pre-designed connection faces, so the expansion is flexible and does not take much time and cost. 05. LESS WEIGHT Reduce the load pressure on the foundation compared to traditional concrete construction. In addition, with a lightweight structural frame system, help to limit the effects of seismic problems. 06. SUITABLE WITH MANY MATERIALS Pre-engineered steel buildings are suitable for many types of finishing materials such as corrugated iron, wood, glass, brick, etc.

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