Steel Building Specification - Secondary Structure

Bracing Structure The portal frame?purlin?Bracing system and the metal cladding rely on each other through reliable connection and support. The main structure of the portal frame load-bearing structure divided into two types according to the kind of the rigid frame: the clear span structure without interior columns and the multi-span continuous structure with interior columns. According to the specific project, it can also be used in single and multiple slopes, as well as in different spans and heights. Most of the foundation types adopt reinforced concrete independent foundations. According to the diverse requirements of the building for lateral displacement and deformation, from the perspective of saving steel, a variable-section beam-column, foundation hinge structure scheme, or an equal-section column variable-section beam, foundation rigid structure scheme can be adopted. Bracing System The main functions of the bracing system are: 1) The strut beam transmits the longitudinal horizontal force. 2) The horizontal bracing resists the horizontal force transmitted between the columns and roof beams. 3)Flange Bracing use to keep the stability of the outer plane 4) All bracing systems, together with purlin or wall girt and portal frames, which form a space system, which ensures the overall function of the space of the structure, bear, and transfers horizontal loads, and ensure the stability and convenience during the installation.

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